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Fresh article in the German KANU Magazine

The cover of the Article. Photo: Michael Neumann
The cover of the Article. Photo: Michael Neumann
Last July we took a group of German and Icelandic paddlers on a great kayaking trip in the fjords. The result is this article in KANU Magazin. Lots of laughter, great food, and substantial amount of beer and wine made this trip one of the highlights of the summer. Michael Neumann photographed the whole thing through his skillful eye. Thanks to you all!

Here is the link to the article. If your german skills are lacking, you can always enjoy the photos. Then there is Google Translate...

Sam Nelson

KvÝar: Coastal Mountain Hut

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Completed in 1923 by Jón Jakobsson and his family, it took two years to build the three story concrete home.  The house, located in Kvíar, stands between Veyðileysufjörður and Lónafjörður, deep in Jökulfirðir, and is only accessible by boat or foot. When you arrive at the house and see the land and everything they accomplished, you begin to wonder how they ever made this happen....
Arctic Fox outside the farmhouse in Kviar
Arctic Fox outside the farmhouse in Kviar
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1% for the Planet is a great organization that Borea Adventures is proud to be a part of.  In 2002, 1% for the Planet began its process of inspiring businesses to donate 1% of sales to environmental groups from around the world.  In the Fall of 2009 Borea Adventures took the exciting leap in becoming a member of this wonderful organization, immediately developing a partnership with the The Arctic Fox Center. That 1% donation has developed into a special relationship with The Arctic Fox Center and was graciously shared by the 1% for the Planet Blog. We are a little late in sharing this but we thank 1% for the Planet for everything they are doing to better the planet and encourage everyone check out their website and read their very well written piece on our relationship with the Arctic Fox Center....
Haukur Sigur­sson

Spring 2013

The majestic Haelavikurbjarg in Hornvik
The majestic Haelavikurbjarg in Hornvik
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The 2013 season started in mid-March with our classic Sailboat Ski trips onboard Aurora.  For the 8th year in a row Captain Siggi has impressed our guests with his freshly picked mussels and delicious soups, after the group has skied from one fjord to the next, from one mountain to another.  Runar organized ski mountaineering courses in the mountains around the town of Isafjordur, we did some winter camping under the northern lights and assisted several groups of professional skiers, climbers and photographers with logistics in the area.  It's busy times and that's how we like it.


When snow melts, we'll store our ski gear and take out our trekking boots and kayaks.  We have some departures where we accept individual bookings and where we still have a few places available:


"Fjords and Birdcliffs" is a new 6-day hiking trip in Hornstrandir where we spend the nights in the old farmhouse of Kviar and in confortable tents in the majestic Hornvik while all luggage is transported with a speedboat.  It's a relatively easy trip as the participants are not required to carry heavy load between campsites.  We have two guaranteed departures in July: 8/7 - 13/7 and 22/7 - 27/7. 

More details: http://boreaadventures.com/nature/Fjords_and_Birdcliffs/


"Lost Fjords" is another 6-day trekking trip in Hornstrandir.  It's more physically challenging than the other trip as the participants are required to carry their backpacks between campsites.  It covers the entire northern part of Hornstrandir and shows all the best that the area has to offer; history, midnight sun, bays, arctic foxes and bird cliffs.  We have two guaranteed departures for that trip: 15/7-20/7 and 29/7-3/8. 

More details: http://boreaadventures.com/nature/Lost_Fjords/


"Paddle in the Wild" is a 6-day kayak trip where we experience beautiful fjords, waterfalls, Drangajokull glacier and small islands.  The area has rich wildlife; abundance of birds, seals and arctic foxes, good chance to spot whales and porpoises.  This trip is intended for people with kayaking experience.  Nights will be spent in good and comfortable tents.  We have available places for one departure: 5/8 - 10/8. 

More details: http://boreaadventures.com/summer/Paddle_in_the_Wild/


We'd be happy to have you onboard one of those trips and we guarantee that you will return with a big smile on your face and great memories from our remote corner of Iceland.

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I had an unforgettable experience. Great food, unbelievable snow and weather, and the best company.


- Matt, USA...
"I will hold memories of this trip in my heart for a very, very long time. Your hospitality, knowledge, humour, conversation, generosity of spirit and of course - incredible food!"
- Claire, USA
"Thanks for the trip of a lifetime. Iceland is gorgeous, your hospitality wonderful and many many memories. You´re the best!"
- Paul, Canada
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