Northern Lights Winter Camp

Located just below the Arctic Circle, the West Fjords of Iceland are an ideal playground for learning the tricks of backcountry (or cross country) skiing and winter camping. This course is intended to give people with little or no previous experience of traveling in the winter an opportunity to try this in a safe and fun environment. People with more prior experience can also enjoy this trip. Even if we are in a real arctic environment, we are still relatively close to the nearest settlements in case we get hit by a storm. We will head on into the West Fjords mountains and use 2-3 days to cross an easy mountain range over to another valley where we will finish the trip with a nice dip into a local swimming pool and good dinner at our base camp cafe. This is prime time to see the Northern Lights racing across the sky.

We supply all common gear such as tents, stoves and all food. People should bring their own clothing, boots and ski equipment. If you don’t have your own gear please contact us and we’ll help you in renting or finding new gear.

Trip itinerary

Day 1

We will begin the evening with an early dinner at our base camp cafe. Over dinner we will discuss winter camping and skiing techniques and go through clothing and other equipment. After dinner we’ll go to one of the best cross country skiing grounds in all of Iceland in our very own town of Isafjordur.  We’ll circle the grounds just below the mountain peaks, for 2-3 hours, where both the sites and skiing will be spectacular, along with the Northern Lights, which will hopefully be on display for us. That evening we can make any adjustments to equipment if needed. First night will then be spent in a comfortable guesthouse in Isafjordur.


Day 2

After breakfast, we will drive to the Alpine Ski Center, traveling light, with just necessities and personal gear on our backs. All heavy equipment, such as tents, cooking gear and food will be delivered to our campsite. The days route follows the high plateau, taking us over easy mountain ridges before arriving at the lakes under Mt. Nónhorn. There our gear, tents and food will be waiting for us. After putting up camp we’ll enjoy dinner in the big lavo tent.  The grounds will be made comfortable for a relaxing evening. Participants will learn the ins and outs of setting up a winter camp and securing the tents for the night. If the night is beautiful we may go out for a short evening ski or hike, keeping a sharp lookout for the Northern Lights.


Day 3

After breakfast we will breakdown camp and ski up to the Pass of Kíki. Again, only taking necessities and personal belongings. Once there, we’ll take our skis off and walk the easy ridge to the top of Nónhorn (760 m) for a panoramic view over the fjords and valleys. After our descent from Nónhorn we’ll traverse the Northern side of Korpudalur valley.  Weather permitting; we will take a quick peek to the East from Álftafjarðarheiði Pass. We end the day by skiing down Korpudalur Valley to the farm of Kirkjuból where our transport awaits. The evening will include a short drive to a local swimming pool to relax and soothe any sore muscles, followed by dinner and a stay back in Isafjordur.


Day 4

In the morning we take a short drive (15 mins) to the town of Bolungarvík and into Syðridalur valley, where we’ll put on our skis and skin up the valley floor. Our course will have us cross over the easy pass between the mountains of Heiðarfell and Heiðnafjall and traverse along the valley floor of Hnífsdalur until we reach Þjófaskarð Pass. Before making our way over the pass we will likely take our skis off for a short period of time to help in reaching the peak. From the top we get a great view over the town of Isafjordur. After putting our skis back on, we slide down to the cross-country ski area of Seljalandsdalur. From there we can continue skiing until being picked up and brought back to town to catch the afternoon flight to Reykjavik. We always encourage guests to take their time before leaving by spending another night in Isafjordur to enjoy the town and it’s beauty for a full day and evening. 

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Ski touring in Iceland
Ski touring in Iceland
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2014022 Mar. 06 - Mar. 09, 2014 4 695 EUR BOOK!
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2014074 Mar. 27 - Mar. 30, 2014 4 695 EUR BOOK!


  • All food
  • Two nights accommodation in guesthouse during program
  • One night winter camping
  • Guiding and instructions
  • Use of tents, stoves etc.
  • All transportation during program
  • Airport pickup and drop off (only for arrivals and departures on scheduled first and last day of trip)

Not included:

  • Travel to and from Ísafjörður, Iceland unless specifically mentioned in itinerary.
  • Personal medical insurance
  • Personal clothes, sleeping bags, avalance tranceivers, boots and ski equipment (can be rented in Iceland)
  • Other personal equipment as pr recommended equipment list.

Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging

Terms and conditions

The Borea Adventures trips/voyages are of an adventurous nature and to relatively remote places in Iceland, Greenland and other places. Borea Adventures makes best effort to stick to the planned itinerary but participants must appreciate and acknowledge that the trip/voyage requires considerable flexibility. The company and captain of the vessel reserve the right to adjust the itinerary without notice for reasons beyond their control such as weather, ice-conditions or other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances. Once departed on the voyage the captain will have final say on all decisions affecting safety etc and this must be accepted by all participants.

Download full version of "terms and conditions" here.

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It´s a fantastic boat – super food – lots of fun – very professional



- Ian, England
"You guys have a really special thing going here – and your love and respect for the mountains and nature is inspiring. Thanks especially for your hard work, great guiding and flexibility...."
- Brian, USA
"Many thanks for a great trip. Nice and cool guide, great local cook. Too short to discover your awesome country. Hope to be back soon for other adventures"
- Benoit, France
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