As we kayaked further into the fjord, growling tummies lead us to a lunch spot surrounded by blueberries, the perfect dessert. Some of us soak up the sun while others use this warm Icelandic summer day to take a refreshing dip in the fjord. With the sun shining down, it’s the perfect start to our journey. Knowing that the wind is supposed to pick up, we start heading back to Kviar, managing the returning journey against a light wind without much hassle. Arriving back, we quickly fire up the sauna and enjoy a relaxing evening.


As the day wraps, we start our return journey, leading us back on the opposite side of the fjord. On our journey back, perhaps fueled by the many stories we heard that day, one of the guests spots a mythical-looking stone-turned Troll. As I now reflect, I’m left pondering whether exhaustion led us to imagine this or if there might truly be more to the story. Do you see the Troll too?