A gentlemens trip to Leirufjordur

Last weekend we sailed to Leirufjordur with a group of guys, the youngest age 14 and the oldest aged 87. 

One of these was Sigurjon Hallgrimsson (80) who was born there and spent the first 30-35 years of his life there as a farmer and fisherman, until he moved away when the Jokulfirdir (Glacier Fjords) area was completely abandoned in the late fifties.  It was a wonderful experience to explore the area with Sigurjon and to listen to his stories about life there. Sigurjon also gave us some tips about the entry into Leirufjordur where underwater rocks and reefs make the sailing very tricky.

The weather was nice and we managed to catch a few Trout and had fresh Trout and Rhubarb soup for supper. All in all a great little trip.