Before you go

Before you go, please take time to read through this information prior to your departure


  • Our adventures begin with a cruise across the fjords north of Isafjordur. This journey will take 1-3hrs depending on weather conditions and drop off locations.
  • Whales, seabirds and the incredible landscapes will surround us during this spectacular journey. As there are no piers, harbors, or ferry terminals within the reserve, our rib boat will bring the group ashore. We say goodbye to the sounds of motors, and embrace the serenity of unspoiled nature.
  • Our Panorama and Fox Tours offer access to areas only available to the Borea family – small groups, big moments.


  • Before you go, expect temperatures ranging from 5-18°C, wind chill is a big factor with weather changing quickly and varies depending on wind exposure.
  • The steep mountains may localize weather or create channels for fog and cold fronts to surprise unsuspecting hikers. 
  • Northern bays are open ocean facing which can create unpredictable shifts in climate. It can easily snow on a Wednesday and then be a short sleeve day on Thursday.


  • Always bring fully functional protective outer layers with
    multiple layers to adjust to your comfort and protection.
  • Sturdy waterproof boots are a must, ankle supporting is
    highly recommended. Short gaiters are good to have. 
  • If you’re new to hiking, hiking poles can also be rented at
    our gear rental. 
  • Cycling and motorized vehicles are not
    permitted on the reserve.


  • The Westfjords date back 10-15 million years, so expect
    landscapes with a lot of character and variability. 
  • Our tours are paced so we can take care of ourselves and the environment while traversing through. 
  • Before you go, expect rocky landscapes, mossy streams and snow drifts especially in early summer. 
  • As we leave winter behind, the ground thaws and rocks may be unstable as soil remains moist throughout the summer. Our guides will aid smooth transitions so you can spend more time enjoying the experience.

Communication services within the area

The reserve is a wifi free area which ensures we maintain the feeling of unrestricted exploration. Cell phone reception is limited to the summits and mountain passes, so we recommend being prepared by bringing a satellite device, or downloading GPS maps and having backups before you go. There are designated campsites within the reserved marked on this map. There is overnight accommodation provided in the Doctor‘s House (Læknishúsið) in Hesteyri, as well as in Hornbjargsviti (Hornbjarg Light House).

How to interact with wildlife and nature

While we try our best to provide you with the best experience, the protection and well-being of the wildlife in the area is our utmost priority. Our guidelines include:

  • If approached by wildlife, we always give away precedence. Sit down, enjoy the serenity of the area and let nature come to you.
  • No baiting or feeding: we do not want to change the natural movement and habits of friends we meet along the way
  • Photos of sleeping animals are beautiful in their own right, please don’t wake up or startle wildlife by shouting, clapping, or whistling for attention.
  • Please pick our blueberries and bilberries, they are delicious. The moss and flowers love to stay where they are, so mind your feet and admire the surprising diversity of the area.
  • Visitors Guidelines – Hornstrandir

Other thing before you go 

  • Be mindful of other travellers and respect the equal opportunities afforded by going on this trip
  • Leave no trace. What we pack in, we pack out.
  • Houses are rare but they are privately owned by the historic landkeepers of this area, courtesy is contagious.
  • Emergency Shelters are for those in desperate need, not for casual use.
  • Campfires are banned, and drones can only be flown with a permit from the Environment Agency 


Before you go, here is an informative video about visiting Hornstrandir, made by the Environmental Agency.