Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is known for its stunning natural beauty, rugged coastline, and abundant wildlife. Despite its popularity, Hornstrandir remains relatively untouched by commercial tourism, and visitors are encouraged to respect the reserve’s natural beauty and fragile ecosystem. Borea Adventures offers various guided tours and boat services to the area.


Tours in Hornstrandir​

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Hornstrandir is a unique and magical place with rich and lengthy history.

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Know Before You Go​

Everything you need to know before your trip to Hornstrandir.


Hornvík Camp

Our basecamp in Hornvík is truly a haven for adventurers that want more comfort during their travels.


Boat Services

Borea Adventures offers a daily boat service to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve during the summer months. 


Kvíar Lodge

Our lodge offers you to visit Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, but still have the comfort of staying in a cozy Icelandic farmhouse.