Active ladies on cross country skis

Our ski&sail trips can sometimes appear to be quite challenging. We
are sailing only 10 miles from the Arctic circle and in the spring
we get an occasional true winter snowstorm, keeping us onboard anchored
in a sheltered cove somewhere in the Glacier fjords. The mountains are
awe inspiring, towering over the fjords, sometimes with angry clouds
rolling over their tops.

But, more often than not the sun is
shining and we pick routes over the mountains to suit any ability.
Aurora is a safe and comfortable ship to retreat to after a suitably
challenging day. You don’t have to be an expert backcountry skier to
enjoy our ski&sail trips. Through the years we have had downhill
skiers, telemarkers, snowboarders and cross-country skiers. We have had
people of all ages from teenagers to 75 year olds.

In the week
after easter we had a great mix of people with very different
background in backcountry skiing. One of these is Dr. Rosemary Scott
from London, England. She and three others came through our good
friends at The Polar People.

just sent us her photos from the trip, many of them from cross-country
skiing with another English lady, Dr. Elaine Powley. 

A few of Rosemary’s photos are attached here, thank you ladies!