Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Aurora goes to Reykjavik – or not….

Our Reykjavik trip has been postponed. Despite poor weather forecast we decided to check it out for ourselves. We sailed towards Onundarfjordur on the west coast of the West Fjords. First we had 30 knots and later 40 knots (gusting to 50 knots) straight on the nose (SW Beaufort 8-10). The forecast was for the wind to increase on Sunday so we decided to turn around. AURORA performed very well in this weather. We were down to three reefs in the mainsail and staysail and if we would have had just a little bit better wind direction we would probably have continued to Reykjavik.  As it looked this time it would have taken us a full day just to reach Latrabjarg. After we turned around we sailed to Hesteyri in Jokulfirdir and anchored there for the night. This is a sheltered anchorage and we finished off the day with nice dinner and warm bunks. Sunday morning we sailed back home to Isafjordur.

Our good friends on Haukur made it to Siglufjordur on the north coast but decided to turn around there.


Aurora is going to Reykjavik on Saturday 9. September. The reason is Vestnorden Travel Mart held annually in either Reykjavik, Copenhagen or Thorshavn in the Faroes. Over 130 tour operators from all over the world are coming up to see what Iceland has to offer. Borea Adventures is cooperating with North Sailing in Husavik and they´re also coming with their beautiful schooner Haukur. We hope to see you down by the harbour in Reykjavik.