Be careful what you wish for…

Only a few weeks ago we were praying for the snow to arrive in Isafjordur. And after an unusually mild fall, winter has come with full force. Last few days have seen a constant chain of low pressures coming over from Newfoundland and south of Greenland. At the moment we have a couple of lows situated just west of the British Isles and these are bringing northerly winds and a tongue of very cold air from Greenland far south into the Atlantic Ocean.

In Isafjordur we have seen temperatures down to -10 degrees celcius and even lower temperatures in the mountains. Winds in some areas have been over 30 m/s creating blizzard conditions.

Here are a few pictures taken today in Isafjordur. AURORA has a bit of snow on her but is dealing nicely with the cold.

The good thing about all this is the opportunity to go skiing and ice-climbing. We have already brought out the cross-country skis and as we mentioned in a previous blog we may participate in the Fossavatn training camp next week.