Borea optimistic after a great season – words on bank-crisis.

Don’t be fooled by news about the great Icelandic financial crisis…  You don’t have to send us food and clothes yet (!).

Despite the problems with the Icelandic banks, Borea is doing just fine. We had a great season, starting with the Warren Miller crew on a fantastic ski trip around 23rd of March and ending perfectly with a late season trip to Greenland with the staff of Ultima Thule tour operator in late September (detailed travel story and pictures coming soon). 

So, we are more than ready for you to join us in 2009 for some great adventures. In case there are any questions or doubts regarding the current situation in Iceland feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Runar is now back at his winter-job as an avalance forecaster/researcher at the Icelandic Met office branch in Isafjordur. I’m currently in Cowes on the Isle of Wight getting ready to leave as mate on one of UKSA’s Challenge 67 yachts for a trip to Spain, Azores, Madeira and Portugal.  I’ll be running our SPOT satellite messenger and plotting my route here.

Look forward to see you in 2009…