Children of Winter… never grow old.

Ski Season is not far away , the new Warren Miller movie is coming…  and we’re in it…!!!

“Skiing and sailing don’t really go together. But if you’re in Iceland, it makes perfect sense. Jeff Annetts, Drew Stoecklein, and Derek Foose explore Iceland’s humbling wilderness on board the 60-foot Aurora. This sailboat effectively works as “a mobile backcountry hut,” granting them access to otherwise unreachable mountains, spines, and chutes, that all end at the ocean. A land that is called “a photographer’s dream” acts as a gateway to the unimaginable and offers these newly bonded athletes the adventure of a lifetime.”

In 2008 we had a team from Warren Miller Entertainment  on a trip with us. Deep powder.  Huge airs.  World-class cinematography. It’s all part of Warren Miller’s Children of Winter, the world’s largest action sports film, which is set to music by Radiohead, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Beck, and others.  Shown in crystal-clear high definition, the film tour crisscrosses the US and nine countries worldwide.

Check out the 2 minute teaser below:


“When it’s cold and snowing, others run inside. But skiers and snowboarders do the opposite, no matter how old we are,” said Max Bervy, director and producer. “We are all the Children of Winter, and if you ski or ride, this movie reaffirms what we all know, that we’re lucky to know the shortest, coldest days of the year.”

Make sure you book early for a Borea ski trip in the spring of 2011…  check out the schedule here and photos here.