Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Close encounters of the whale kind

Last Saturday we enjoyed great day out trying a new sea kayaking day trip we´ll be offering next summer in cooperation with our friends at West Tours. We drove to Seydisfjordur about half an hour drive from Isafjordur and launched the kayaks in the mirror calm waters in the head of the fjord. Then we paddled along the coast around the small peninsula of Folafotur (e. Horse Leg) enjoying the scenery and birdlife. The peninsula was once inhabited by roughly hundred people but now there is no one and no road goes out there. After a nice lunch break at the end of the “Leg” we turned into Hestfjordur watching porpoises passing by. Close to the end of the trip, we heard a whale spout and spotted a minke whale out on the fjord. I took up the camera and paddled closer to meet our new friend. The whale dived and I waited. Of course it came up in a totally different location. I moved the kayaked closer and knocked with the paddle on the boat just to let it know where I was. I didn´t want it to come too close….!
Suddenly I saw a shadow and heard a loud spout when it came up right behind the boat, not more than a feet away. My heart skipped a beat and I moved away a bit. Then it came up directly beside me and I got the perfect shot…with my camera.

Great day in perfect weather and company.