Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Dates for 2009 are ready

We have put in the 2009 dates for all our trips and expeditions in Iceland, Greenland and Jan Mayen. We´ve made some minor changes to some of our trips and think we now have a great selection of activities not to be missed in our beautiful part of the world.

No matter if you´re looking for a relaxing cruise in the fjords and bays of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, backcountry skiing in Glacier Fjords, sea kayaking in the midninght sun few miles south of the Arctic circle, sailing, walking and sea kayaking on the east coast of Greenland, wildlife trips to experience the wild wild nature of Hornstrandir… you name it!


As previously, themes of each departure can be changed to fit people´s preferences if there is a group booking. The prices are the same except the Greenland expeditions are now much more attractive due to changes in the setup of the trip. Yes, we´re still learning as we go along…


As we´re pretty much booked up until August this year (and have been for a while) I recommend you stay in touch sooner than later if you want a taste of real adventures in the higher latitudes in 2009.


Looking forward to see you next year