Difficulty Rating

Our tours have difficulty ratings to help you choose which is the best suited for you. To help, we’ve written some information about each of the ratings and what you can expect.

These difficulty ratings should not be taken as the whole truth, as you may experience new terrain and weather conditions. It’s always hard to judge physical challenges for all. We all experience excursions in a different way. Sea kayaking is particularly hard, since the difference in difficulty can be so great between paddling the same distance on a calm day and on a windy day.

Take what is written below with a grain of salt and use your common sense and good judgement for your own capabilities.

What difficulty is suitable for you?


Kayaking – Accessible to most people. Be able to paddle for 2 hours at a slow pace, with many breaks. The sea conditon is mostly calm with no waves and almost no wind. No experience necessary.


Kayaking – Accessible to most people in good condition. Be able to paddle for 4-5 hours at a fair pace, with breaks. There may be some swell, some small waves and a gentle breeze. Some experience is required.

Hiking – Need to be able to hike for 4-5 hours at an easy pace. Ascent is around 400m maximum. Terrain is mostly easy ground with some loose rock or snow. Must be comfortable carrying a small backpack with lunch and raingear etc.


Kayaking – Long days of paddling up to 7-8 hours at a good pace. There may be some swell and waves and you may have to paddle into a strong wind. Experience is necessary on these tours.

Hiking – Long days of hiking up to 5-7 hours at a good pace. Terrain may include long sections of loose rock, soft ground or snow and maybe include long sections away from the trail. Ascent may be up to around 600m. May include multiple days in a row. Will have to carry medium sized backpack.

Demanding: Difficult

Kayaking – Multiple long days up to 7-8 hours of paddling in a row. Often involves wild camping. Exposure to open sea, big swell and waves. May have to undertake rocky beach landings. Considerable kayaking experience is necessary on these tours.

Hiking – Long days of hiking in the mountains. May include backpacking while carrying tent, sleeping/cooking gear and food. Up to 5-600m of ascent over tough terrain including loose rock, soft ground and snow. Good section of the route might be without a trail.

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