Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Exciting day trips for next year

Borea is expanding for next year. For the first time we´ll be offering at least seven new and exciting day trips. Our friends that work in the tourism business here in Isafjordur have dared us to do so and finally we said “what the hell, let´s do it!”

We´ve put together a short brochure with the trips that are finalized with departures and everything and HERE you can read it online. It´s a mixture of short and long sea kayaking days, easy hiking and mountaineering. Last but not least, we´re offering Via Ferrata for the first time in Iceland. It´s a very popular sport in the Alps. Just Google it!

There is a chance that we´ll add more trips in the coming months before we print the thing. All suggestions are accepted, thank you.