First snow of the fall

This morning (August 30th) the first snow of the fall had fallen in the mountains around Isafjordur. We have had 5-15 m/s northerly winds for a few days. In town it’s raining and the temperature is only three degrees celcius. This doesn’t deter a few hardy American ladies who are leaving for a short trip today. We will be bird-watching in Seydisfjordur fjord and the surrounding areas.

It’s only 100 days since we had snow down to sea-level in Isafjordur. As you can see from our pictures from the May ski trip we had beautiful weather for all of that trip. The sun was shining from clear skies and the skiing was great. The week after, it was snowing hard. In north east Iceland (around Akureyri) some of the highways were closed for days because they couldn’t plough them fast enough – and this was around May 20th (!).

But this is Iceland…   if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it will be something different. AURORA’s heater is doing a good job and it’s warm and dry onboard. In our opinion there is no such thing as bad weather. It’s just different kind of weather to be enjoyed when you are properly prepared.