Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Greenland sailing video ready

Finally I´ve finished editing the video material from Greenland last August. We sailed across to Nansen fjord, then to Kangerlusuaq fjord, where we spent some time exploring on foot and using the kayaks. Then the plan was to sail down to Ammasalik area with at least one stopover on the way. Unfortunately the coast between had pretty thick ice, and the only option for us was to sail around it. Spent the reamaining day in Ammassalik area. Beautiful place with calving glaciers, nice people, great mountains, whales and seals. I hope you´ll enjoy.



We have two trips to East Greenland on offer for next year. The first one is similar to the trip in the video and the second one is more of an easy cruise just in the fjords around Ammassalik. Truly a great experience.