Greenland sold out for 2010 – extra trip added

The east coast of Greenland is an awesome wilderness and our trips across the Denmark Strait have proven to be very popular. All our expeditions scheduled for 2010 are now sold out.

This coast is normally very inaccessible. Because of sea ice a yacht can only approach the coast for about two to three months of the year or from late july to early october.  Often it is closed until early August and parts of it will close again after mid September. Also the weather on the Denmark Strait starts deteriorating after mid September with a constant stream of depressions zooming up from Kap Farvel and between Iceland and Greenland.

Because of the high demand we have decided to add another exclusive expedition. We will depart from Isafjordur on September 2nd and sail across the Denmark Strait to the Kangerdlugssuaq area (“Big Fjord”). There we will explore for a few days before heading back to Isafjordur again to arrive on September 9th.

Because this is a bit late in the season there is more risk of storms on the crossing. We have very reliable weather forecasts so we will spend time in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve to wait for the right weather window if needed.

Please contact us for details or bookings…