Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Happy New Year!

Icelanders go crazy on new years eve burning fireworks like it´s not just the last day of the year, but also the last day of their lifes.

There are not as strict regualations about fireworks like in many “civilised” countries. Usually it´s the volunteer rescue teams and sport clubs that sell fireworks as part of their fund raising and almost everybody spend quite a lot of money on fireworks to literally blow away the year.

It´s also a tradition that local families come together around a big bonfire and sing after dinner that same night. Many thousands of overseas visitors come to Iceland for the night to watch the show that the whole nation participates in which is good (noce to get some of the money back!).

Here are few photos from Isafjordur. Photos: Halldor Sveinbjornsson.

Happy New Year!