Rúnar Óli Karlsson

JB the Mountain Man

There is a guy that lives up North in Iceland. He´s skinny, with a sharp face and a lot of mountain experience. He had a dream like us to work in adventure tourism and from a young age, he escaped to the mountains to enjoy the freedom of the hills and tune his skills and later guiding groups in Iceland and Greenland. Many years later, he finally became the first Icelander to receive the hard-to-get international mountain guide certification (UIAGM) last year and officially started his business. This is Jökull Bergmann from Skidadalur Valley. His name is a phenomenon in itself. It literally translates to Glacier Mountain man from Ski Valley. Would I trust a mountain guide with a name like that? Oh yes! 


Me and Jökull have been friends for years since we took a course in mountain rescue together. We have bagged some first ascents, skied many mountains but time flies and for the last few years we´ve both been busy guiding, studying, paying bills etc. and not had much time to have fun together. Now we´re working together extending our businessess and trying to attract guests from all over the place to come out and play.


Jokull has just launched his website after spending over 500 hours on the thing and it looks really good. You should check it out. It´s a great resource for mountaineering and skiing in Iceland. And if you want to have fun with him, you should drop him a line.


Congratulations and good luck JB