No snow in the forecast yet…

We haven´t had much snow in the West Fjords yet this fall. Only a minor sprinkle on the mountain tops. Now that AURORA is laid up and we have started her refit we are all anxious to start skiing and ice-climbing.

The forecast is for un-seasonably warm weather and rain. Attached here is the forecast for tomorrow Thursday November 2nd. This is taken from Try clicking on the photo itself for larger version and to scroll for more.

I still believe that some mixed ice/rock-climbing is possible in small frozen waterfalls higher up in the mountains and maybe we will check it out in the weekend.

Last year on October 30th the two AURORA crew almost started an avalance in the mountain of Seljalandsdalur when they went Telemark skiing in a small snow storm. One picture is attached and a further story (in Icelandic) and pictures can be seen here.