Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Swimming is fun…also during the winter

PLACE: Isafjordur, Iceland. Close to the Arctic Circle

DATE: Friday 12. December 2008



COMPETITON: Swim around the Aurora

COMPETITORS: Jon Pall and Halfdan the Slick

ALCOHOL LEVEL: Substantial

WINNER: Halfdan the Slick


During the annual secret pre Christmas buffet held by Jon Pall for the tourism clan in Isafjordur, a friend currently  living in Spain (bit warmer there) dared him and Halfdan to swim around the Aurora. Before we could blink an eye, they had stripped down to the bare essentials and were standing on the pier. “This is a bad idea” Halfdan said before launching head first into the water and swim towards victory. His legs got a little scraped because of the thin ice crust covering the harbour. Few drinks later, we were singing again….